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Nissan Dealer Uses Facebook To Drive Customer Reviews and Feedback

Albuquerque Car Buyers Use Facebook As A Tool For Dealership Reviews!

Albuquerque car buyers can now use Facebook as a tool to read Reviews about Melloy Nissan, and other car dealerships!  When car buyers log on to Facebook they can now search “Melloy Nissan Customers” from there they will land on a Facebook page dedicated to the customers of Melloy Nissan.  The image below shows where our dealership reviews can be found, and links to our review page on Facebook!


On top of the Our Facebook page they will be able to click a link and find out instantly what all our Customers have been saying!

I believe Dealer Rater is the top review site in the nation for learning about your car dealer!  Many dealerships email customers links to Dealer Rater so customers may write reviews!  Melloy Nissan uses many different review sites to gain insight on what we are doing great, and also what we need to improve on!  Dealer Rater has Almost 90 percent of the reviews written about Melloy Nissan!  Please feel free to check out our Facebook Page Melloy Nissan Customers http://on.fb.me/1dhmGyM to get a real time story of what our customers have been saying!  This Facebook page is also great because it has pictures of our most recent customers and their kind words about our sales staff and Melloy Nissan!

These days the world and culture of car buying has been changing!  Many internet buyers use sites like Dealer Rater to make that final decision on what dealership they will buy their new vehicle from!  With this in Mind Melloy Nissan, has chosen to make our reviews readily available to our customers!  This website that you landed on is a Melloy Nissan page dedicated to our customers and review sites!  Feel free to check this page out and write a review about our dealership!  I would love your feedback!

-Robert Melloy

View our New Nissan inventory at:  http://bit.ly/1iZDz9C

ia Albuquerque Car Buyers Use Facebook As A Tool For Dealership Reviews!.

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