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How Does Google Identify Fake Online Reviews? – Automotive Digital Marketing Professional Community

How Does Google Identify Fake Online Reviews?

The implementation of “Review Filters” is inevitable by all major review publishers, including Google Places… During a phone call I was on with a Google employee, he made it very clear that Google is indeed looking at a variety of algorithmic approaches to preventing the display of fake reviews and reviews whose collection tactics do not meet with what Google considers sound business practices.   Alternately, the success of Yelp both as a review site and a community has been considerably assisted by their complex filtering algorithms.  As the business of Gonsumer Generated Content (CGC) continues to evolve, there will be many variations on the automated filtering of reviews.  Some will be as simplistic as DealerRater’s blocking of dealership IP sourced review postings, and others will be far more complex, such as Yelp’s sophisticated review rating algorithms and review poster scoring models.  Ultimately, I believe that a broad based review posting strategy, including an in-dealership review collection strategy using a portal OWNED by the dealership, such as BusinessRater.com or PrestoReviews.com along with an off-site review collection strategy powered by a site such as LouFuszReviews.com will be the optimized approach.

Use the link provided to read Brian Pasch’s article and download the Research Report in PDF file format…

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