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Cobalt: Approved Supplier to General Motor’s 2013 Standards for Excellence Reputation Management Program


GM Primary Reputation Management 

An SFE compliant affordable self-service solution

Seattle, WA — Cobalt’s Reputation Management solution has been approved by General Motors (GM) for the 2013 Standards for Excellence (SFE) program. Any dealer who enrolls in the 2013 SFE program can enroll in the Reputation Management program from a certified vendor.

Cobalt is offering a base reputation management package that includes everything you need to monitor what your customers are saying online and to help develop credible online reviews for your dealership. Optional enhancements include…Visit [http://hub.am/Wa8kZl] to enroll.

Additionally, dealers may be eligible for reimbursement for these services under the GM iMR (In-Market Retail) Turnkey Program in which GM reimburses dealerships for a portion of eligible local advertising and marketing costs incurred from approved vendors.

To learn more about Cobalt, the GM iMR Turnkey program, or the SFE Reputation Management program, please call (206) 219-8000, email sales@cobalt.com or visit [http://hub.am/Wa8kZl].

Your Reputation Matters

  • 91% of consumers say they trust reviews*
  • Increase positive customer reviews online
  • Improve your CSI scores
  • Manage and report on your reputation through the Dealer Command Center
  • Integrate reviews on your website to attract customers and drive search engine results rankings

* Source: 2011 Google ZMOT Study  Helpful FAQs

GM Primary Reputation Management for Just $295

Announcing a new self service tool: GM Primary Reputation Management; strategic for showcasing and managing your dealership’s amazing reputation. Get enrolled today and be SFE compliant!

The program will provide you tools to:

  • Grow reviews and stars through a simple automated survey
  • Drive more traffic to your website and boost search engine rankings with review pages on your iMR website
  • Manage and respond to your reputation from Dealer Command Center with the easy to use Reputation Management Dashboard

GM Dealer Enrollment

Interested in our full service Power Reputation Management solution? Learn More

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the GM Primary Reputation Management?

GM Primary Reputation Management is a self-service, reputation management solution providing the best tools and technology in the market to generate reviews, manage your online reputation and leverage customer feedback to showcase the dealer’s brand and commitment to providing great customer service and promoting their online reputation. This solution also fulfills your Standards for Excellence (SFE) reputation management requirement for 2013.


What does it cost?

The solution cost is $295 per month with a $495 set up


How long do I have to enroll in a reputation management program to be SFE compliant?

Dealer enrollment will run from November 15, 2012 through January 15, 2013.


What do I get with the GM Primary Reputation Management solution?

  • State of the art review survey email generation platform integrated with your DMS. Every night the email platform will automatically send a survey to customers (with valid email addresses) that have a closed Purchase or Service transaction in the DMS that day, so your customers get asked for feedback within 24-48 hours of their experience in your store.
  • An intuitive dashboard to monitor your reviews, respond to them and track trends in your reputation, accessible through Dealer Command Center.
  • Insightful reporting and analytics from your reputation management metrics, accessible through Dealer Command Center.
  • Integrated review pages directly on your program retail website to showcase your great reputation and drive your reputation management and additional search engine optimization for your dealership’s brand.
  • You will also be automatically informed via email of a negative review so that you can instantly address and comment on the review in a timely fashion.


How long does it take to set up the product?

It can take up to 30 days to get dealer review surveys working, third party review site links set up correctly and your review pages and dashboard in place. This process can be a little longer to fully implement the solution if we do not get the accurate third party review site URLs or DMS polling data information. Dealer engagement is essential to the success of getting business listings set up properly, the customer email information for the automated review generations, and in store processes working.


Can the survey emails be customizable?

The survey structure feeds an insert into the dealer’s dashboard and website and triggers other automation processes. Modifying the survey could break this automation. It’s designed by email marketing experts to garner the highest response rates from customers. We see upwards of 15-20% response rates on these surveys from our current customer base on our retail Power Reputation Management solution. Surveys will include dealership branding.


What customers will get surveys?

Any customer with a GM brand car and valid email address in the DMS that has:

  • Purchased a new (Retail) or Certified Pre-Owned car
  • Leased a new (Retail) car
  • Serviced a car under warranty or through customer pay


Where can I learn more?

To learn more about GM’s SFE program dealers can visit GM Excellence to find out more program details

To learn more about the Cobalt dashboard make sure to watch the Dashboard Skills Training on Cobalt U.

Check out the Cobalt Analytics Quick Guide on Cobalt U to understand how to analyze reputation management strategy and performance.


Do I need to collect my customers email addresses?

There are many reasons to collect your customers email addresses. Primarily, we need to have the customers email address in order to send out the thank you emails after service and sales to drive customer surveys and reviews. General other reasons email addresses are important are for

  • Manufacturer-based service reminders and specials
  • Important safety recalls
  • Pre-sales email only specials or offers


What if I don’t want to manage this in house, do you have an option to manage the solution for my dealership?

Yes, we offer a plus up, the Power Reputation Management solution that is also SFE compliant. So you’ll have all the tools and technology to proactively generate reviews, insights through your dashboard and reporting, as well as the SEO optimized website pages, but we will also provide you with white-glove service to manage, monitor and help your dealership drive your reputation strategy.

  • A Reputation Management Specialist (RMS) – these are college educated automotive experts with years of experience in account management, specifically in the review and reputation management world. They will:
    • Manage, monitor and track reviews not only from your automatic surveys but also on the third party sites, like Google, Yelp and Yahoo so you can spend time selling cars.
    • Set up and optimize your business listing through photos, text, categories, and best practices.
    • Monitor the automatic alerts of both negative and positive reviews so they can help craft responses and work with your dealership as a natural expert in review response.
    • Provide specific in-store assets to help drive your strategy, like QR codes and marketing strategies to leverage your customer reviews.
    • Deliver consistency and accuracy to your reputation management strategy though alignment with your dealer brand, third party review sites, and your website.
    • Facebook review syndication app to promote your reviews on your Facebook page.
  • Power Reputation Management can be purchased for $1095/month that is 100% eligible for co-op reimbursement and a one-time set up fee of $1295.

GM Dealer Enrollment 


Contact program support at 1-877-344-6031 or your dealership’s assigned ProCare Advocate.

via Cobalt: Approved Supplier to General Motor’s 2013 Standards for Excellence Reputation Management Program  



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